Top 5 Bathroom Design Trends of 2024

Top 5 Bathroom Design Trends of 2024

Natural materials and earth tones take center stage.

Need Some 2024 Remodel Inspiration?

Step into the future of bathroom design with the top trends of 2024. AZ Stone & Tile Concepts takes pride in constructing spa-like atmospheres of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you want a full remodel or upgrades to keep your space fresh, you’ll find it here.

This year promises to embrace modernism and timeless design, from marble to large tiles, and nature-inspired materials, the top bathroom remodel trends of 2024 will transform your space into a relaxed retreat. With the help of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA),  keep scrolling to find out what’s coming in beautiful bathroom design.

1. Green Bathrooms

The all-white bathroom is making way for more nature-inspired hues, particularly shades of green. The NKBA found homeowners preferred green as their favorite bathroom color. Overall, warm neutrals and earthy tones are becoming more popular, creating a cozy and calm vibe in bathrooms.

green bathroom
full glass neutral tile walk in shower

2. Large-format Tile

Sleek and low maintenance large-format tiles are rising in popularity. These tiles will be seen on shower walls and offer a neat visual look. These tiles are low maintenance and require less grout to clean and upkeep.

3. Door-less Showers

According to the NKBA, 70 percent of homeowners prefer open showers without doors, seamlessly blending the shower with the rest of the bathroom. Clear glass panels surrounding the shower will continue to be popular and frameless.

Arizona Home Remodeling | modern white tile bathroom with shower and glass door and tub

4. Marble Materials

2024 will continue to favor bold marble and natural stones. To achieve a similar look without breaking the bank, choose tiles that mirror these luxurious materials. Alternative stone and tile options include porcelain tiles. These tiles can replicate marble and natural stone without the maintenance, upkeep, and high price.

5. Warm Wood Vanities

Wood vanities in bathrooms are rising in popularity. While white is still well-liked for counters and walls, more homeowners are being drawn to warmer colors like beige and deep browns. Using light to medium natural wood vanities can accommodate a range of styles, from coastal themes to traditional styles.

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