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Custom Showers

Arizona Home Remodeling | modern white tile bathroom with shower and glass door and tub

Elevate your shower experience with our expert bathroom tile and glass shower door installation services. We can even help you redesign and renovate your entire bathroom. 

We prep, rebuild, waterproof your new shower area with high-quality materials, including Denshield, Red Guard, and Laticrete.

Our Services

Our Custom Tile Shower Installation

We create your custom tile shower enclosure from the studs out. We do tear outs of pre-existing showers.

The Process

Once the new design and concept has been finalized, we follow the process below. 

Step 1

Reframe and enhance the shower structure. We can add new pony walls, custom soap and shampoo niches, benches, and more. 

Step 2

Work with a plumber to install new plumbing valves and shower fixtures. We can relocate the drain for efficient drainage.

Step 3

Add waterproof shower pan liner.

Step 4

Cover shower walls with our tile board, Denshield and tape waterproof seams with Red Guard.

Step 5

Construct a shower floor mud work to create the proper pitch all the way around the shower floor area. This will allow the water to drain freely.

Step 6

Tile the new shower area according to your design.

Our Services

Our Custom Glass Shower Door Installation

Our team will help you design your custom shower door enclosure. We offer different glass showers doors options that fit your bathroom size and design layout. We are experienced in various shower door installations, including full fixed panel doors, multiple panels with a fixed door, and custom panels on top of tiled pony walls.

Types of Glass Shower Installations

Glass shower doors and enclosures are popular because they can be customized to fit any room and any design. You have the flexibility to get the shower design you want, without being tied to a pre-built enclosure. 

You can add fixtures where you want them, choose where the door goes, and where all those shower features reside. Start with one of these types of shower doors or enclosures below.

Option 1

Frameless Shower Door

Option 2

Frameless Shower Enclosure

Option 3

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Option 4

Curved Glass Enclosures

Have Questions About a Custom Shower?

We have answers. Check out our FAQ section below.
  • Door Style: Determine whether you want a sliding or pivot door. Consider factors like space and accessibility when making your choice.
  • Glass Style: Select the type of glass that suits your preferences and bathroom decor. You have options, including clear, frosted, etched or patterned, colored or cast glass. You also have a choice between tempered glass and laminated glass. Tempered glass is heat-treated in order to make it stronger and safer — it’ll break into a bunch of tiny pieces if it cracks. Laminated glass is two sheets of glass adhered together by a thin layer of vinyl.
  • Layout Design: Plan the layout of your shower area, both within the bathroom and inside the shower itself. Tailor it to your needs and aesthetic preferences.

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