Custom Bathroom Tile Installation, Shower Tile

Make your shower truly unique with a professional bathroom tile installation. Get the best shower tile installed here in the Phoenix area.

Our process.......

We create your new Custom Tile Shower enclosure from the studs out. Once the new design and concept has been agreed upon, we start with the reframing process. Adding new pony walls, soap niches, benches, etc. We then schedule our plumber to install new shower valves and fixtures, relocate drain to center of new shower floor area for proper drainage. Then, install the new shower pan liner. Next, we close up all of the new shower walls with our tile board (DENSHIELD), and taping and waterproofing all of our seams with REDGUARD. Once that step is completed, we do the shower floor mud work to create the proper pitch all the way around the new shower floor area. This will allow for the water to drain freely. The final step is to tile the new shower area, recreating the design and patterns agreed upon.